The Sky is the Limit at Myrtle Beach

If you’re an adventure seeker who likes to take to the skies, Myrtle Beach offers amazing activities to satisfy your inner cravings. If you’re planning a weekend getaway, look no further. With easily accessible vacation rentals and a plethora of things to do, there won’t be a dull moment at this spot of paradise in South Carolina. Here is a glimpse of what you can look forward to:
The Skywheel
This 187 foot, 42 gondola Ferris wheel in one of the highest in the country. Offering breathtaking views over the entire city it one of the leading attractions in Myrtle Beach. Located at the Ocean Front Boardwalk and Promenade it is an experience that is on every thrill seekers wish list.

Helicopter Rides
Myrtle Beach is a sight to behold irrespective of the angle that you look at it from; however, a normal view flat out never satisfies some people. If you’re one of them and are searching for a change in perspective, you can hail a helicopter ride to take you over the Grand Strand for an experience that has no parallel. Soar over the entire stretch of beaches while you’re mesmerized by the wonders of nature.

Zip Line and Treetop Adventures
It’s not too close to the sky but it does keep you off the ground and immersed in a high flying course through the tree cover of the forest. At the same time, it keeps the energy levels soaring by offering obstacles that test the adventure junkie within you.

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