Top 10 Activities for Less Than $25 at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has loads of exciting attractions for people of all ages and at variable price tags. You can enjoy free activities like relaxing on the beach, enjoying the concerts and fireworks shows, and stroll along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Activities like shopping, playing mini-golf, and going deep-sea fishing will cost you more money, but it’s not that expensive.

The best part is that there are plenty of activities you can enjoy at Myrtle Beach that will cost you under $25 and allow you to enjoy plenty of fun with your friends and family. Most vacationers are looking for affordable and fun things to do on a budget at Myrtle Beach, and they won’t be disappointed when they visit. We will highlight ten fun activities that will put a smile on vacationers’ faces and not put a dent in their pockets.

Everyone has different tastes and likes, but you can be confident that when it comes to fun and affordable activities, Myrtle Beach has plenty to offer that falls under the $25 range. If you’re coming to Myrtle Beach and don’t have a big budget, here are the top ten activities that you can enjoy for less than $25 at Myrtle Beach.

Mini Golf

1. Give Miniature Golf a Try

Myrtle Beach is famous for being the best place to play mini-golf. There are over fifty different miniature golf courses with varying themes in the Myrtle Beach area. That ensures you can have plenty of excitement no matter which mini-golf course you decide to try. You can also check local coupon books to get some free coupons and use them at the golf course. Most establishments don’t charge anything for children who are two years old and under.

If you’re looking for a fun activity that doesn’t cost you much and will provide you with hours of entertainment, there is no better option than playing miniature golf at Myrtle Beach.

Flea Market

2. Go to Hudson’s Surfside Flea Market for Souvenir Shopping

You can find the Hudson Surfside Flea Market in Surfside Beach at 1040 South Kings Highway. There are more than 250 different dealers here, making this one of the best places to shop for old, used, and new merchandise. You can find plenty of souvenirs here that won’t cost you much and will allow you to take a little piece of Myrtle Beach with you.

Shop till you drop and find souvenirs like hats, t-shirts, keychains, picture frames, and mugs at some of the best prices. You can also check the times of operation and days on the website. The best part is that for people who love to shop, there are plenty of items that cost less than $25 in this market.

Myrtle Beach Park

3. Visit Myrtle Beach State Park for Shelling

If you want a fun and relaxing day without spending much money, you should visit Myrtle Beach State Park for shelling. Here you can find amazing shark teeth and shells, and it is a favorite place for the locals. The per-person park admission fee is $8 and less, while you get to enjoy a fishing pier, nature trails, and an expansive beach. There are also children’s programs for free held throughout the year at the State Park.

You won’t find a better place to spend the day at less than $25 in Myrtle Beach. When you look at the plethora of activities you can enjoy here, you quickly realize why it is popular with the locals and tourists visiting Myrtle Beach.


4. Take a Helicopter Ride around Myrtle Beach

People who have dreamed of riding in a helicopter and enjoying a scenic tour would love that they can take a tour around Myrtle Beach for less than $25. All it takes is $20, and you will be taken on a whirlwind ride in a helicopter around Myrtle Beach. Even though it is a short ride, but you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Myrtle Beach and enjoy the scenic beauty.

There are also longer, and more expensive helicopter rides you can enjoy here. Book a group ride and go over major landmarks and other sites surrounding the coastline. The pilots have years of civilian and military experience and are commercially rated, while the helicopters are maintained to FAA standards.


5. Watch the Myrtle Beach Pelicans in Action

Catching a game of baseball while you’re on vacation is one of the best ways to spend your time and not go over budget. The general admission tickets to watch minor-league baseball start at $9 per person, and you can also purchase some cracker jacks and peanuts without going over $25. You can spend a lovely summer or spring evening watching the Myrtle Beach Pelicans in action, and the best part is that you can visit on Wiener Wednesdays to grab hotdogs for $1.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a baseball fan to have fun at Pelicans Ballpark since there is always something happening here. There are free postgame fireworks and excellent sideshows when there is a break between innings.

Family Kingdom

6. Go to the Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Another great way to spend time at Myrtle Beach without spending over $25 is to visit the Family Kingdom Amusement Park. Here you can enjoy flying machines,    screams, and lots of fantastic rides with an all-day wristband. There are over thirty different rides that you and your kids will enjoy at this fantastic amusement park. Four new exciting rides will catch your attention, which includes the Twist and Shout steel roller coaster.


7. Stroll through Brookgreen Gardens

If you’re a lover of art and the finer things in life, you can stroll through Brookgreen Gardens, which is the largest and oldest sculpture garden at Myrtle Beach. The tickets don’t cost much as adults are charged a $15 admission fee, and children have a $7 admission. The best part is that the admission ticket can be availed for seven days straight, which means you can come back whenever you want.

You can take a guided tour of the gardens or explore the exquisite spaces by yourself. There is also a Zoo that has native animals kept in their natural habitats. The gorgeous gardens, world-renowned art collection, exotic animals, and historical sites will tempt you to return here again.


8. Go on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

You can also enjoy the scenic surroundings of Myrtle Beach by going on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel. Ticket pricing ranges from $9 for children to $13 for adults, and you can ride in an air-conditioned gondola and take pictures of the scenic views of Myrtle Beach. It is also a romantic spot for couples who want to celebrate their anniversary or those looking to pop the question. One thing is for sure, you won’t find views as good as the ones you will get of Myrtle Beach on the SkyWheel.


9. Visit Ripley’s Aquarium

The famous Ripley’s Aquarium is located at Broadway at the Beach and holds all the natural treasures of the oceans from around the world. Ticket pricing is on the higher side as adults are charged $23, while you must pay $15 for children. However, it is still $25 per person and is a worthwhile activity to enjoy while you’re at Myrtle Beach.

You get an interactive experience with aquatic life, such as handling sea turtles or petting stingrays. The main attractions are the sharks of different species, and guests can ride on a walkway that moves and watch the deadly sharks in a close-up setting.


10. Taste Wine at the La Belle Amie Vineyard

If you’re a wine lover, you can’t afford to miss out on visiting La Belle Amie Vineyard, which is open to the public. It is a popular attraction and even hosts several popular festivals all year round. All guests who visit the vineyard are invited into the wine tasting rooms, where they can sample gourmet foods of all varieties and sample the best private label wines. It provides you with the perfect way to spend the day at Myrtle Beach without spending a lot of money.


Myrtle Beach has something for everyone, and as we have just seen in the activities mentioned above, it is an excellent place for budget-friendly vacationers. You don’t need to bring a lot of money if you want to experience the true wonders and exquisite beauty of Myrtle Beach. All you need is $25, and you can spend a fun and exciting day at Myrtle Beach without a worry in the world.

Top 10 Places for Children’s Entertainment in Myrtle Beach

Parents are often left wondering about which places they should take their children when they visit Myrtle Beach every year. Most people prefer to travel with their family and have a bonding experience with their kids. Myrtle Beach offers the perfect opportunity to do that as there are tons of family-friendly activities that you can enjoy here.

Myrtle Beach has something for everyone, and when you are looking for places for children’s entertainment, you will find all sorts. From exciting beaches and amusement parks with thrilling rides to annual events and the hundreds of attractions, you will find here. You can find plenty of fun-filled activities to enjoy with your family and make lasting memories.

We understand it can be tough to decide what to experience at Myrtle Beach with your family, as there are many different options out there. That’s why we have decided to narrow down your options and share the top 10 places for children’s entertainment at Myrtle Beach. That should provide you with plenty of activities that you can enjoy with your kids. So, if you want to experience the best Myrtle Beach vacation ever with your family, here are the places you should visit.

1. Explore the Beaches

You can’t go wrong with the beach when you are vacationing with your family. Children love the beach, and it provides them with a thrilling vacation experience at the same time. You can let them play in the Atlantic Ocean, play beach games, build sandcastles, enjoy a picnic, and search the beach for exquisite seashells. A child’s imagination runs wild, and their sense of wonder will only grow as they explore the 60 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches that you will find in the Myrtle Beach area.

2. Visit the Museums

Myrtle Beach has no shortage of amazing museums that you can visit with your kids. It gives the children an educational experience while on vacation, and we aren’t talking about boring museums here. You can take them to the Hollywood Wax Museum, where a gigantic figurine of King Kong is planted outside the main building. It is the only wax museum dedicated to celebrity figurines in the country, and your kids can enjoy being star-struck.

You can also take them to the Edventure museum, where the children can participate in different exciting educational programs about creative writing, reading, building, and art. They can also play as pirates and enjoy some puppet shows as well.

3. Enjoy the Animals at the Zoos

There are plenty of Zoos in the Myrtle Beach area, and children love going to the zoo and learning about different animals. Apart from the amazing sculpture gardens that you can witness at Brookgreen Gardens, you can take your children to watch spirited otters and other exotic animals frolic in their natural environment at the zoo.

You should also schedule a visit to the Waccatee Zoo. Here you will find plenty of silly monkeys performing stunts and entertaining entire families. Your kids can also pet some animals like donkeys and goats, and exquisite peacocks roam freely around the facility.

4. Check Out WonderWorks

WonderWorks is located at Broadway at the Beach and is a museum for the mind. It has more than 100 different hands-on exhibitions that children of all ages will enjoy. There are zip-lines, a ropes course, and a laser-tag area as well. You can visit the attraction with your kids and discover something new each time you visit. Some of the must-see exhibits that your children will love are the Hurricane Shark, Roller Coaster Simulators, Anti-Gravity Tunnel, and 360-Degree Bikes. All the different exhibits and fun stuff to explore and enjoy at WonderWorks make it one of the best attractions to enjoy with your children.

5. Go to the Water Parks

Myrtle Beach has no shortage of fantastic water parks, and there can’t be a family vacation without a visit to a water park. You not only get excellent exercise at water parks, but you can experience thrills with your family in a safe environment as well. Some of the best water parks to visit with your children at Myrtle Beach include the Wild Water and Wheels, Myrtle Waves, and Splashes.

Here you will find access to some of the most thrilling speed slides, which provide you with endless twisting, shooting, and through the tubes. Taking your kids to the water park at Myrtle Beach is one of the best ways to spend the day and ensure your children enjoy it.

6. Amusement Parks

You want to make memories with your family, and you can do that easily by taking your children to the many amusement parks in and around the Myrtle Beach Area. You can pencil in a visit to the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, where you will find some of the most amazing rides, such as the Log Flume, the Hurricane, as well as the classic wooden rollercoaster Swamp Fox.

That isn’t the only amusement park where you will enjoy with your family. You can also visit the Three Pavilion Parks. Once there, you can enjoy the classic rides that were a favorite on the previous oceanfront Pavilion and even check out some of the newer rides as well.

7. Play Miniature Golf

If you love playing golf and spending time with your children, you can go and play miniature golf and get the best of both worlds. Your kids will have a grand old time at one of the fifty different miniature golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area. Every designer golf course provides a diverse and entertaining theme that will be a big hit with your children. You can find themes consisting of everything from dinosaurs to waterfalls and pirate ships to volcanoes.

8. Go on the SkyWheel

One of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach with your kids is to go on the SkyWheel and witness Myrtle Beach in a completely new way. You should plan a ride or a couple of rides with your children so that you can marvel at the fantastic views of Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area. It is located on the oceanfront boardwalk. You can sit high above the Atlantic Ocean with your family in a climate-controlled glass gondola and take in panoramic views of the surrounding area.

The SkyWheel remains open to the public throughout the year, and every night you can catch a fantastic show as there are a million lights placed strategically on the wheel. Whether you visit in the day or at night, your family and your children will love going on the SkyWheel.

9. Ripley’s Aquarium

A visit to Ripley’s Aquarium with your children is one of the best activities you can enjoy at Myrtle Beach with your family. You will be in awe as you experience the magnificent saltwater aquarium exhibit, which has a moving walkway and transparent tunnel, taking you around a natural reef. You can view thousands of colorful and rare fish closely along with stingrays, octopus, and sharks. The brand new Penguin Encounters exhibit allows you to get up close and personal with penguins.

10. Broadway Grand Prix Family Race Park

Rounding off our list for the best places for children’s entertainment at Myrtle Beach, you should take them to Broadway Grand Prix, which has seven different go-cart tracks. You and your children will have plenty of fun racing each other along the tracks, and smaller kids can race at the junior race tracks. You can enjoy the fast track, the family track, the speed racer, the slick, and the high-bank oval. You can let out your speed demons and let your worries fly by as you race each other around the tracks.


Myrtle Beach is one of the best places to travel with your kids and family, as you can enjoy so many different things with them. We have only covered ten of the best places for children’s entertainment at Myrtle Beach, but there are endless places you can take your kids and have a wonderful time. The Myrtle Beach area is teeming with people who have taken their children with them to make new memories and have fun on vacation.

So, if you’re thinking about planning a family vacation, make sure you visit Myrtle Beach, as it has an abundance of kid-friendly and family-friendly activities and attractions to offer. So, book your hotels and resorts in advance and head down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to enjoy all the best places for children’s entertainment today.