The Best Vacation Amenities at the Beach

Myrtle Beach is a 60 mile stretch of heaven in South Carolina. With a almost 18 million visitors descending upon this piece of paradise annually, the popularity of this destination is quite evident. A place that is bustling with activity all year round has to be a hub of facilities and equipment you can rent for an experience that is worth the investment. To make things easier we’ve jotted down a few vacation rentals at Myrtle Beach, apart from the usual accommodation and vehicle hires, that you’ll surely enjoy.

1. Segway and Bike rentals
With its 650 acres of natural parks and recreational spaces, Myrtle Beach is no easy place to explore on foot. Although we’re not trying to dampen the thrill of those long walks along the piers, segways, scooters, motorcycles and bike rentals are abundantly available for the lazy vacationers.
2. Jet skis
What’s the point of a gigantic stretch of beaches without jet ski’s to soar the waves on. This adventurous desire of the adrenaline fuelled junkie is fulfilled by numerous facilities providing these water scooters as vacation rentals on Myrtle Beach.
3. Helicopter rides
Things just keep getting bigger and bigger. Yes, you can rent out a helicopter ride for a bird’s eye view of your vacation spot and pick out a few fancy spots you might want to visit once back on the ground.
4. NASCAR and go-carting
Last but not the least, if you’re a motor racing enthusiast you can head down to the race tracks to watch the action live or go a step further and get an actual taste of driving a NASCAR around the Myrtle Beach Speedway

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