Here’s How to Plan the Perfect Myrtle Beach Vacation

Tourists are taking Myrtle Beach to the next level. The occupancy rate for Labor Day weekend in 2021 was close to 77%. That’s 34% higher than it was in 2019.

A Myrtle Beach vacation is great for adults and children alike. Yet you shouldn’t rush down just yet. You should look at some travel tips to plan your perfect vacation.

What are the weather and crowds like in Myrtle Beach? What are some great things to do? How can you find a comfortable and affordable place to stay?

Answer these questions and you can create a great vacation without too much stress. Here is your quick guide.

Look at the Weather

The weather in South Carolina is warm and humid year-round. July is the hottest month, with temperatures reaching into the 90s. January is the coldest, yet the average temperature hovers in the high-50s.

Though Myrtle Beach is hot, it is not always dry. Thunderstorms can break out in the afternoon and drop a substantial amount of rain. The storms bring the temperature down, but they can bring beach days to a close.

If you choose to visit Myrtle Beach in the spring, you can find mild temperatures. Yet you may encounter sudden storms and tornadoes.

The autumn is when the hurricane season peaks, so you may not want to go during October and November. The winter sees temperatures drop downward, but many businesses are closed for the season.

You should plan on going to Myrtle Beach during the spring and summer. You should pack light clothes, though you can bring a windbreaker and a rain jacket.

Beat the Crowds

The peak season for Myrtle Beach is between June and August. Crowds are a little lighter during the last week of May and the first week of September, but they are still substantial.

If you are concerned about crowd sizes, you can book your vacation for mid-May or mid-September. You can enjoy the warm weather and great stores while avoiding the long lines.

If you plan on visiting Myrtle Beach during the peak season, you can still find ways to avoid crowds. Go to restaurants and indoor attractions in the middle of the week, not on the weekends. Visit the beaches after mid-afternoon, when most families pack up to leave.

Discover Things to Do in Myrtle Beach

You can see a lot during a Myrtle Beach trip. Try to find a few different attractions that you can visit every day.


As you might imagine, the most popular beach in Myrtle Beach is Myrtle Beach. The beach offers sparkling waters that are perfect to swim and parasail in. If you want to go for a walk, you can walk along the boardwalk and stop at different stores.

The Golden Mile stretches for two miles. Many beachside mansions face the sand, which creates a quieter beach for people who want some privacy.

If you want to go fishing on the beach, you can visit Myrtle Beach State Park. Pets are not allowed on the beach, so it is a good place to visit if you are allergic to pet hair.


Myrtle Beach has many small museums you can explore when it is rainy. The Franklin G. Burroughs – Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum has nearly a dozen installations on display. You can also take pottery classes from the museum staff.

If you prefer something more fun, you can visit the Hollywood Wax Museum. The museum features wax statues of many famous actors and celebrities. You can walk through a maze of mirrors and a haunted house as well.

Miniature Golf

You can find miniature golf courses scattered throughout the town. Most of them are geared toward children, but couples and single adults can try their hand at them.

Cancun Lagoon Adventure Golf is one of the more unique courses in South Carolina. It offers 27 holes divided into three courses. You can go through a Mayan pyramid and look at waterfalls while you play.

Live Events

Entertainment venues in Myrtle Beach have scheduled concerts throughout the spring and summer of 2022. The Carolina Opry is a variety show that has received notices in CNN and other news outlets. If you like magic, you can see shows from Charles Bach and other illusionists.

You can also find festivals and food events. The Carolina Country Music Festival will occur between June 9 and June 12. The Spring Festa Italiana is an Italian food festival that will take place in June.

Find Great Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

You should book your accommodations for a summer vacation at least four months in advance. If you wait, you may not find affordable prices or high-quality services.

Renting a home or apartment can provide you with more amenities than renting a hotel room. A vacation rental also works better for vacations that are a week or longer.

Spend time looking at your different rental options. You should examine packages and special deals, especially ones that center around events like festivals. The rates for most properties are similar to ones for hotel rooms while giving you more space.

You can find rentals for resorts and properties with golf courses. These rentals tend to get booked early on in the season, so you should reserve your space as soon as possible.

Plan Your Perfect Myrtle Beach Vacation

You’re a few steps away from a great Myrtle Beach vacation. The spring and summer offer warm temperatures with some rainy afternoons. The crowds get thick, but you can get avoid them by heading to the beach late.

You can find a lot of different beaches in Myrtle Beach. But you can also visit art museums, play miniature golf, and listen to great music. If you want to truly relax, you should try a vacation rental instead of a hotel.

Look for packages to keep your expenses down. Palmetto Vacation Rentals provides premium rental packages. Contact us today.