Friday Finds – Pho Claire Vietnamese Noodle House

Friday Finds – Pho Claire Vietnamese Noodle House

“Bringing the best customer service through the freshest ingredients to the full bowl of Spirit – each soul, each person – one at a time”

This past Thursday the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce offered local businesses the unique opportunity to look behind the scenes at Pho Claire Vietnamese Noodle House. Located on 38th Avenue North, Pho Claire has brought a new flavor to the Grand Strand area through its fresh and healthy Vietnamese styled menu items. After opening the doors this past February, many locals and guests alike are discovering the art and taste of one-of-a-kind pho.

One may wonder what “pho” actually is. According to Sophia, Pho Claire’s owner, many are clueless about this popular Vietnamese noodle broth soup that is currently being consumed all around the world. In fact, many of us even struggle to pronounce “pho” correctly. Pronounced as “fuh,” pho at its rawest form consists of broth (usually beef or chicken), banh pho noodles (flat rice noodles), fresh herbs, and thinly sliced beef or chicken. Pho can also come in vegetarian form as well!  The process to make pho can last anytime between six to twelve hours! On top of tasting delicious, pho is also known for its amazing health benefits.

The idea to start Pho Claire sprang up with Sophia and her husband several years ago after moving to Myrtle Beach from New Jersey ten years. Sophia and her restaurant manager Tony are both originally from Vietnam. Sophia and her husband wanted Myrtle Beach to experience a true and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. With so many various dishes in different parts of Vietnam, Sophia aspired to create a menu that would encompass popular items throughout the land.

Open every day from 11 AM – 10 PM, Pho Claire offers customers a unique dining experience perfect for lunch, happy hour, and dinner. Besides pho, Pho Claire offers customizable Vietnamese sandwiches and noodle bowls, healthy salads, flavorful spring rolls + more! In addition to the delicious food menu, there are also Vietnamese inspired bubble teas, Vietnamese coffee, and fresh smoothies.

The behind the scenes tour consisted of a presentation and tasting hosted by Pho Claire. In the presentation, Jason and Alison were able to hear about the history, vision, and details of the delicious Vietnamese noodle house. After the presentation, the tasting began! Vietnamese salad, small Vietnamese “sandwiches,” wonton soup, and watermelon were a part of the delectable experience.

The words spoken from our marketing guru Jason were “I could eat this all day!” In my opinion there were several qualities from the tasting that reminded me of my time a few months ago in Thailand. While Thailand mainly had spicy items, the options from the Vietnamese Noodle House offered guests a more neutral and fresh palate. I found the food to be energizing! Jason and I agreed to Pho Claire Vietnamese Noodle House being on our top lunch places to visit in the future.

Are you ready to experience a fresh, delicious, and unique dining experience? Pho Claire is the place you need to come take a taste at! They have been open for less than six months and are making serious headway in the Grand Strand area. Whether you are a tourist visiting the area or local looking to expand your taste buds, Pho Claire Vietnamese Noodle House needs to be added to your restaurant bucket list!

Pho Claire Vietnamese Noodle House:
Website | Facebook
1201 38th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11 AM – 10 PM

Originally from New York, Alison Lashower moved to the Myrtle Beach area with her family twelve years ago. Gamecock at heart, she graduated from the University of South Carolina with a marketing and entrepreneurship degree in May of 2017. When Alison is not spending time taking photographs around the Myrtle Beach area, you can find her writing, dancing, or on some type of adventure. Fun fact, she just spent this past year living abroad in Cape Town, South Africa! 

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