Myrtle Beach Cupcake Crazy!

Cupcake Glory was on the line!

Do you like cupcakes? Of course! But How much?

This July 4th, 31 brave and determined souls tested their cupcake mettle in the 8th annual Croissants Bistro and Bakery Cupcake Eating Contest. The contest is held each year at the beautiful Grand Dunes Marina in Myrtle Beach, where you can find fun games, vendors, and the entertaining Patriotic Golf Cart Contest.

This year was the first time for your blog heroes, Alison and Jason, and we had a blast! The MC kept everyone involved and the music selection was upbeat and fun! We talked with several contestants and they discussed their strategies for victory. Many said the same technique: “Lots of Water”! Each contestant ponied up $20 for their entry and received a t-shirt and more importantly – their chance for cupcake immortality! Proceeds from the event went to Backpack Buddies and Help4Kids.

Right as the opening horn sounded, the focused contestants began stuffing their faces. After a few moments, it was clear who the true contenders were. 3 or 4 of these masters of mastication distanced themselves from the herd as they looked like a cross between Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Pac-Man! They would shovel in a cupcake, take a swig of water, gulp, repeat.

To the victors, go the spoils!

When the dust settled and the final horn blared, there stood one man, who had tasted the glory of the promised land before! Mark Lyle had eaten a total of 35 delicious cupcakes and was declared champion for the second straight year. Everyone cheered and a great time was had by all. See you there next year!

Jason Coker is originally from the metropolis of Burlington, NC and is passionate about vacation rentals. Having served on the front lines of a premier vacation rental company, Jason has a great understanding of all aspects of this fantastic industry. An aficionado of music, sports, and all things geeky, Jason spends his free time performing music, grilling out, and relaxing with his son, daughter, and lovely wife, Amy.

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