How To Know When You’re Ready For A Beach Vacation

As summer slowly rolls on in, you may be sitting at your desk dreaming about warm weather and tasty margaritas. Maybe you are a stay at home mom wanting your children to enjoy new experiences that go beyond your neighborhood. Or maybe your a retiree that would love to splurge on fine dining, endless shopping, and golf course excursions with your friends or partner.

Below you will find a list of certain feelings and behaviors you may be experiencing presently that could qualify you as the perfect candidate for a beach vacation. If you answer yes to at least two of the items below, we here at Palmetto suggest you start booking that getaway with us immediately!

  1. The last time you remember holding sand was at your children’s art fair four years ago.
  2. When every Jimmy Buffett song seems to be directly speaking to you.
  3. When you catch yourself dreaming about the weekend and it is only Monday morning.
  4. You find yourself staring at your computer screen for at least thirty minutes everyday without having completed any of your assigned tasks.
  5. Date night has now become a ten minute conversation with your partner on your back patio with string cheese and seltzer water.
  6. When you realize that you have nothing to watch on Netflix anymore because you have finished every series twice.
  7. When you find yourself living vicariously through your neighbors vacations on their Instagram or Facebook.
  8. You find your phone alerting you that you your screen time is over its ten hour limit.
  9. The closest golf course you have played on is at the indoor six-hole putt-putt grounds forty five minutes away from your home.
  10. When you start taking your children to Lowes or Home Depots playgrounds because it is the closest thing to an “amusement park.”
  11. Your boss starts to tell you everyday that you really should take a vacation.
  12. When the movie Castaway starts to look like a five star vacation retreat.

So where do you score? Now please take note – this is just a short compilation of questions that you should ask yourself before booking a vacation. If you are still unsure where you rank, feel free to speak with one of our qualified reservationist who would be more than happy to assist you.

Summer is coming up and it is time to escape to Myrtle Beach.
We here at Palmetto would love to help you in that process!
Call us today at (888) 808-2788 or visit us directly online to see what rental properties we have available for you. You deserve it!

Originally from New York, Alison Lashower moved to the Myrtle Beach area with her family twelve years ago. Gamecock at heart, she graduated from the University of South Carolina with a marketing and entrepreneurship degree in May of 2017. When Alison is not spending time taking photographs around the Myrtle Beach area, you can find her writing, dancing, or on some type of adventure. Fun fact, she just spent this past year living abroad in Cape Town, South Africa!

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