Best Things to do at Myrtle Beach

There is always something amazing and exciting to check out at Myrtle Beach, which attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is the ideal vacation destination that is famous for its choice of activities, great seafood, long sandy beaches, and golf courses. Among the great many things to do at Myrtle Beach, you can visit museums, take your kids to the amusement parks, go paddle boarding, ride the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, and so much more.
If you’re wondering what activities you can try out at Myrtle Beach, here are some that you will have fun checking out with your friends and family in Myrtle Beach.
1. The Pavilion Park
The Pavilion Park, which is located at Broadway on the Beach, is a popular amusement park divided into different sections. The east side of Pavilion Park includes famous rides like the Rocket and Carousel, while the central section includes thrill rides for adults like the Pipeline Slide, and Cliff Hanger. The west side of Pavilion Park includes rides for kids, such as the Red Baron Mini Jets, the Rio Grande Train, or the Myrtle Turtle roller coaster.
2. Backstage Mirror Maze
Another classic place to check out on Myrtle Beach is the Backstage Mirror Maze, which includes great laser and mirror mazes located in a 2,000 sq-ft space that used to be an old theatre. The maze has been designed to look like a bank robbery in the 1930’s from the infamous New York Mafia, featuring Lucky Luciano and his gang that robbed the Times Square Bank.
All guests can help find escaped mobsters through the maze and its turns, twists, props, trap doors, dead ends, mirrors, and hallways. You can also wear kaleidoscope glasses, which will help increase the effects of the lights and mirrors.
3. Myrtle Beach SkyWheel
One of the best things to do and top attractions at Myrtle Beach, is to check out the SkyWheel, which is a Ferris Wheel that is 187 foot tall. It was opened to the public in 2011, and has gondolas, which have three rotations for about 8 to 10 minutes, and can seat 6 people in each gondola.
There is also a VIP flight for the SkyWheel, which offers a world-class experience for 4 people to ride in a gondola that has leather seats, glass floors, and a souvenir bag with a bottle of water.
4. Myrtle Beach Safari
Who doesn’t love going on a safari? Myrtle Beach also provides a guided walking tour, which is one of the top attractions and best things to do over there. It is also called the Wild Encounter Tour, and is spread over a 50-acre wildlife preserve, where you will be taken on a 3-hour walk to see animals in their natural habitat.
You will find several endangered species and African mammals like orangutans, leopards, tigers, and chimpanzees. The tours for the safari are generally from March to October, and it is one of the best ways to learn about wildlife.
5. Family Kingdom Amusement Park
The Family Kingdom Amusement Park is a top attraction at Myrtle Beach, and is located right at the heart of Myrtle Beach. It was first opened in the year 1966, and has been around for more than 50 years. The amusement park is admission free, and is 13-acre in total. Visitors need to buy tickets to enjoy the rides over there.
The park also has plenty of free entertainment options, which include magicians, face painters, clowns, and balloon sculptors. The must try attractions at Family Kingdom Amusement Part are the Giant Ferris Wheel, which will take you 100 feet into the air in an open gondola, and Swamp Fox, which is a wooden roller coaster.

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