Find Great Waterfront Dining Options to Explore In Myrtle Beach

Find Great Waterfront Dining Options to Explore In Myrtle Beach

If you are visiting Myrtle Beach and are looking for more than just a dining experience with good food, then Myrtle Beach has the answer for you. Most diners want the perfect ambience along with great food.
Imagine sitting on a table that looks straight out to sea, and being able to hear the waves crashing on to the shore as you eat your meal with the winds blowing in your face gently. Wouldn’t it be a totally divine experience?
Myrtle Beach has many such restaurants that look out onto the waterfront. Following are two of the restaurants that you must try for the perfect waterfront dining experience:
Sea Captain’s House
The Sea Captain’s house is reputed for serving the best seafood in Myrtle Beach. In addition to good food, the picturesque view adds more reason for the Sea Captain’s House to be attracting large numbers of locals and tourists.
Some of the favorites served at Sea Captain’s House are their shrimp, crab soup and grits. Furthermore, if you are looking for an ideal breakfast spot, then Sea Captain’s House serves a really good breakfast which can be devoured while watching a beautiful sunrise.
Gulfstream Café
Gulfstream café is an ideal place from where to view the sun set. And along with an amazing view, Gulfstream also serves great food. Some of the specialties in appetizers include Kicky N’Awlins shrimp, the onion loaf, oyster shooters and she-crab soup. Recommendations for the main course are the garlic crab claws, low country crab cakes, and blackened or grilled catch of the day.

Both of these restaurants offer wonderful waterfront dining experiences that will leave you spell bound, wishing you could stay there forever. Not only is the view stimulating but the atmosphere is pleasant, relaxing and peaceful. On most days, the sea is calm and waterfront dining is sure to leave you feeling calmer by the time you are leaving.
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Friday, January 13, 2017

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