Barbecue Joints in Myrtle Beach for Mouthwatering Food Experiences

Barbecue Joints in Myrtle Beach for Mouthwatering Food Experiences

One of the many specialties of Myrtle Beach is barbecued food. Cooked to perfection and served on platters with sidelines of your choice, the barbecue food in Myrtle Beach is a must try. Here are some of the most famous barbecue joints in Myrtle Beach:
Damon’s Ocean Front
The specialty at Damon’s is their char-grilled meaty ribs that are served with their signature sauce. Other than ribs, there is barbecued chicken, steaks, salads and burgers. There is a special children’s menu as well which has items such as popcorn shrimps, corn dogs and chicken fingers.
Damon’s is located on the beach, ideal for people who want to take a walk on the beach after dinner.
Bar B Que House
A popular barbecue spot amongst the locals and tourists alike, Bar B Que House is known for the smoked meat that they serve with southern-flavored sauce and trimmings. It is also famous for barbecue chicken. As side dishes, they always serve potato salad, fries, cole slaw and hot hushpuppies.
Their best desserts are the peach cobbler or the banana pudding.
Fire and Smoke Gastropub
Fire and Smoke Gastropub specializes in smoked and grilled meats, cheeses and baked breads. Their Seared Bay sea Scallops, Lamb Porterhouse, Mustard Greens and Crispy Pork Belly are all a must try. They have a long list of wines and lots of beer options as well, which completes the fine dining experience.

If you are a die-hard fan of barbecue food and want to try the best barbecue food that is out there then these Barbecue joints in Myrtle Beach are especially for you. Don’t miss out on the chance to devour the best barbecue food you can ever have; plan a trip to Myrtle Beach and treat your taste buds with the most amazing barbecue food.
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Friday, December 30, 2016

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