3 Reasons to head to the Beach before you Head to School

The summer breaks are coming to an end. As the school term commences, students will once again experience the stress associated with studies. It is important therefore that they get a well deserved break before they finally head back to school. A vacation at Myrtle Beach, with the white sand and blue waters offering a hint of paradise, is an option that few can argue with. Couple that with the easy availability of vacation rentals at Myrtle Beach and you have a well laid out plan.
In case you are still not convinced, here are three more reasons to take the family to the beach before the kids are ready to go back to school.
1. Positive impact on mental development
Nature is one of the best mind refreshers for people of all ages. A trip to the beach experts say can recalibrate the mental capabilities of children allowing them to focus better at studies and excel at what they learn.
2. Fun and connecting
A family vacation helps you connect and bond with your children unlike any other time at home. The kids in the outside environment feel more attracted and since their minds are fresh and open, they are at a better emotional state as compared to any other time.
3. You deserve a break too
Spending time with family is not beneficial for the kids only, it is an amazing experience for you too. Those memories that you make can keep you charged for a number of days to come allowing a boost in productivity!

Upcoming Summer Events at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a full of activities all year round but this being the coast, summers are essentially popular for vacationers from around the world to descend here. One of the best things about this place is the availability of all kinds of vacation rentals at Myrtle Beach. From rooms to vehicles, jet skis to speed boats, you name it and Myrtle Beach has it. If you’re still not convinced that Myrtle Beach is your place to go this summer, here are a few more reasons:
1. Summer Lights Festival and Brookgreen Garden
The event occurs every year but instead of simply lighting up on holidays, this year Brookgreen is lighting up the summers too. The festival will began on May 24th and is expected to run all the way to August 19th every Wednesday – Saturday 5:00 p.m.

2. Pier Fishing
While this might not be a proper event it can be turned into one with a few appropriate props. This activity made it to the list because of the experience that it provides on a summer day just sitting by the waves waiting to rake up some delicious meals.

3. Myrtle Beach Base Games! Visit the Myrtle Beach Pelicans minor league baseball games. Class A-(advanced) affiliate of the Chicago Cubs!

An All-Girls Vacation at Myrtle Beach

That’s the beauty of Myrtle Beach! Something for everyone of all tastes! If you’re planning on heading out with your girl clan to a fun vacation spot this summer than we reckon you won’t find a better place than Myrtle Beach. With vacation rentals easily available throughout the year, all you have to do is gather your friends, pack those bikinis and head down to enjoy the sandy beaches and blue waters of the many beaches that line the Grand Strand.
Here are a few things that you guys would love to do while at Myrtle Beach:

1. The Market Common
What girl doesn’t go gaga over the idea of heading out for a shopping spree. The Market Common houses an extensive range of outlets that cater to every aspect of shopping that a girl might think off. With loads of choices and plentiful facilities for parking and eating out, this is a gem in the crown for Myrtle Beach.

2. Majestic Massage and Day Spa
After shopping or maybe just at par with it on a women’s list of priorities is grooming! Majestic Massage and Spa Salon offer a variety of packages that are bound to incite the inner enthusiast in every girl to head down for a day of relaxation and massage.

3. Senor Frogs
A heaven for those parties that you intend to have with your girl clan! Home to a wide variety of foods and drinks, Senor Frogs is the place to have some jelly shots and go crazy with your friends while enjoying in a pleasant environment.

3 Best Summer Activities at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a vast area of beautiful white sand and clear blue sea for as far as the eye can see. While this might be a good reason to pack your bags and head down to the place to enjoy a few relaxing days of relief from the grueling summer temperatures, there might be other people who need more convincing. Well, Myrtle Beach has something for everyone.
1. Go out for a refreshing swim,
Well, starting with the basics because while you’re at the beach, why would you miss a chance to head into the water and cool your body down with a relaxing swim in the vast ocean. Water usually heats up a lot later than land and as a result throughout the day the sea remains cold and refreshing.
2. Rent out a jet-ski or water powered jet pack
For those that are hesitant to head out into the water for any reason whatsoever, there are a number of other activities that you can try over it. Rent a jet-ski to buzz over the surface with the spray hitting and cooling you body or get a hold of a water powered board or jet-ski and buzz over and under the surface like a bird on a mission.
3. Head out for a meal on one of the restaurants on the piers. If you like to stay off the water altogether and simply enjoy it while sitting beside it, there are a number of restaurants that serve quality meals over the piers where you can sit back and admire the vastness of the ocean while sipping a refreshing cocktail.

3 Myrtle Beach Vacation Tricks

Myrtle Beach is one of the most exquisite vacation destinations in this part of world. With the summer in full swing, there couldn’t be a better opportunity to head down to the beach and relax besides the cool water on the vast sandy beaches or a refreshing drink from one of the many bars and restaurants that are located in some of the most fascinating places.
Here we’ve put together a few hacks that will help you make your trip an even more exciting experience.
1. Use an old bed sheet to build a beach corner
You can use an old bed sheet with a few pillows to create a small sitting area for you and your family. Just spread the sheet out and using a few beach fixtures, lift the sides up to create a small sand-free zone for you and your family to enjoy.
2. Baby powder for sand removal
A trip to beach can mean a lot of sand travels with you to your car and ultimately to your home. Baby powder can act as an instant sand removing agent for you to use before leaving the beach.
3. Store ice in plastic bags
Not only does this ensure that you’re the ice stays solid for longer and doesn’t damage your sandwiches or other food items, it also keeps the ice clean for use in drinks.

4 Best Places to go for the Love of Wildlife in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is every wildlife lover’s paradise. With a large variety of options to choose from, you can feast your eyes on a vast array of animals, land dwelling or aquatic, quite easily. The widespread availability of vacation rentals at Myrtle Beach is one the best things about this stretch of beaches. It allows people to visit and enjoy the place to the max.
AS the name suggests, T.I.G.E.R.S Preservation Centre houses some of the most wonderful big cats from around the world. Besides a safari that lets you see around 60 tigers roaming freely, you and your family can look at chimpanzees, elephants and even a liger, a species that is a cross of a tiger and lion.
Lowcountry and Waccatee Zoos
These zoos located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina host a huge range of wildlife including deer, zebras, alligators, birds, lions, cougars and elephants etc. A visit to these facilities is bound to keep the whole family occupied for the day.
Ripley’s Aquarium
If marine life fascinates you more, Ripley’s Aquarium has one of the greatest displays of fish and aquatic creatures in the state. With a tunnel running right through the fish tank, a 330 foot conveyor takes you on a trip with sting rays, sharks and all kinds of wildlife that lives in the sea.
Dolphin Sighting Tours
For those of you who fancy some outdoor fun, there are a number of Myrtle Beach vacation rentals that take you down to the best spots for sighting dolphins at full chat in their natural habitat. You have to see it to believe this magnificent sight.

3 Family Friendly Activities to do at Myrtle Beach

The greatest thing about Myrtle Beach is that it offers all kinds of activities for every type of vacationer. Be it an adrenaline fueled solo traveler or a family looking to have a great time, this spot offers features that cater to everyone. Additionally, the easily available vacation rentals give Myrtle Beach an edge over other vacation spots that might be on your list.
Head to a water park
Since summers are here, the best place to head in order to cool yourself is the water. Since it takes longer to heat up, water parks are ideal places to take your loved ones for a day of refreshing fun going down slides or simply taking a swim. Splashes Oceanfront and Myrtle Waves Water Parks are two of the best options.
Go fishing
Fishing is regarded as one of the best family activities that you can do while on vacation. Myrtle Beach offers both on shore and Deep Sea fishing opportunities depending on the one that you prefer. All kinds of Myrtle Beach vacation rentals that are easy to get hold of mean that the fun literally never stops.
The Hollywood Wax Museum awaits
If you and your family are the type that prefers to stay indoors then there are several attractions that would fill up your day quite effectively. The Myrtle Beach Skywheel, zoos, museums and restaurants are just some of the choices but the best of all is the Hollywood Wax Museum that has a range of celebrities immortalized in wax on display for your entertainment.

3 April Highlights for Visitors to Myrtle Beach

We’re already halfway through March and April is almost upon us. This is somewhat of an event in itself for people planning a vacation to the beautiful blue and white beaches of the Grand Strand during the early spring season.
A word for the wise, however, would be to book any vacation rentals in advance at Myrtle Beach in order to avoid the hassles of running into trouble at the spot. Following are some headlines for April vacationers at Myrtle Beach.
1. The Weather
April is the start of spring and Myrtle Beach experiences one of the most amazing weather conditions of any vacation destinations in the country. With temperatures expected to remain between 70s and 80s it is the perfect setting for a trip down to the beach for a swim, a casual walk or just a spot of lunch. The water tends to offer a cooler setting for anyone looking to enjoy some water sports.
2. Deals on Vacation Rentals
Vacation Rental providers jump into action at the start of the spring season in order to attract customers by the lot. In this regard, they offer lucrative deals and discounts that can make your trip even more economical and considerably more fun because you can have a lot to do.
3. Easter Celebrations
Myrtle Beach is one the most popular destinations for Easter Celebrations which is one March 31st and this year is going to be just as crazy as it has been before. With a variety of entertaining events happening there is never to be a dull moment.

The 3 Best Spring Events to Look Forward to at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a place bustling with visitors and activities all year round. With the onset of spring right around the corner, it is only justified that we highlight some of the most highly anticipated events that are coming to Myrtle Beach this spring.
Although there are a wide variety of activities and events that cater to people of all tastes on this part of paradise, we’ve chosen the top three. Vacation rentals are abundantly available for anyone planning a trip to the Grand Strand in the coming months.
1. Plead the Fifth Tour: Kip Moore
Scheduled to take place on the 6th of April 2018 at the House of Blues, this is one of the most talked about concerts around these parts during the season. The singer of “Up All Night” fame has been on tour since the autumn of 2017 conducting sold-out shows across the US and his upcoming stop is going to be Myrtle Beach. It’s just something you wouldn’t want to miss.
2. Monday after the Masters
Started as a little event to raise funds for charity, Monday after the Masters has grown immensely in popularity, becoming one of the most popular golf tournaments that attracts a large number of Celebrity Pro-Ams from around the country for an exciting event.
3. Wings over Myrtle Beach Air Show
After almost ten years, the famous Blue Angels, the US Navy flight demonstration squadron will be returning the enthrall the crowds at Myrtle Beach on 28th and 29th April. The air show will include demonstrations from a number of other aircrafts making it an absolute must go for every enthusiast.

The Best Watersports to Enjoy at Myrtle Beach this Summer

It’s the end of winters and the onset of spring and we all know where that all leads. Yes, summers are around the corner and it is time to head down to the beach. Water tends to stay cool longer than land and therefore it is the ideal spot to go when the sun shining on top of your head gets unbearable. However, with the plethora of vacation rentals available at Myrtle Beach you can rest assured that summers can also be a lot of fun.
Jet Skis
Abundantly available throughout the entire stretch of beaches on the Grand Strait, jet skis are the ultimate adventure scooters for a group of friends looking to have a time of their lives. Although you’re not exactly coming in contact with the water, the cool spray from around is refreshing enough.
Fly boards
The latest innovation in water sports is the introduction of fly and hover boards. These water jet powered machines can be strapped to your feet or back allowing the rider to soar through the waves and perform exceptional stunts. Just looking at the people riding them makes you go ga-ga over them so imagine the joy of having one for yourself.
Speed boats or maybe just an old fashioned swim
You can easily rent out speed boats for a gentle cruise along the waves with loved ones or a group of friends. And if none of this suits your taste, you could go out a traditional swim in the clear waters of the many beaches along the Grand Strand.