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Sea Mist Resort

  • Address:305 13th Ave South
  • Area: Myrtle Beach
  • Beds: 0-3
  • Baths: 1-2
  • Sleeps: 2-6

The Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort offers an unforgettable coastal retreat with its stunning location and exceptional attributes. With its breathtaking ocean views and direct beach access, the resort offers guests a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are rooms and suites with oceanfront, ocean view, and resort views, some with kitchen facilities.

There are also outdoor and indoor pools,  mini-golf, and fitness facilities at the resort. Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort ensures every guest has an enjoyable and memorable stay with attentive staff and exceptional service.

Sea Mist also offers numerous indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzis, sauna, onsite restaurants, huge arcade, and even more amenities for you and your family to enjoy before relaxing in this beautiful unit. (Please note that the mini waterpark across street and movie theater are not available to our guests.)

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    • Sea Mist 20907

      • 1 Bedrooms
      • 1 Baths
      • Sleeps 4