Enjoy Gift Shopping With Multiple Exciting Options At Myrtle Beach

If ‘shopping’ always ranks at the top of your to-do list then while staying a vacation rental in Myrtle Beach your trip would definitely be incomplete without purchasing souvenirs for friends back at home. The choices for jewelry, clothing, perfumes, toys, collectibles, and others are so many that you may need to set aside some funds from your budget for buying souvenirs. Here are some economic shops with huge variety in Myrtle Beach to help you stay within your budget while you shop your heart out!

Market Common

The village-styled Market Common is a small place with everything from shops to restaurants and theatre. You will find internationally acknowledged brands offering items at premium prices to local brands offering retail prices.

Location: 4017 Deville St, Myrtle Beach

Mole Hole

From stationary products to novelties, gifts and souvenirs, Mole Hole is a perfect place. If you are running out of time but also want to take traditional and modern souvenirs home then visit Mole Hole.

Location: 1323 Celebrity Cir Unit G135, Myrtle Beach

Tuesday Morning

Are your best-friends-forever waiting to receive their souvenirs but you’re worried that branded souvenirs might exceed your budget. If yes, then don’t worry and visit Tuesday Morning. It offers everything from traditional to modern women’s fashion accessories, home furnishings, and more gifts. Tuesday Morning is a heaven to spend money like never before.

Location: 6908, N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach

Things Remembered

True to its name, Things Remembered offers amazing collection of unique items. From jewelry to leather goods and clay pots, you will find everything here.

Location: 2000, Coastal Grand Cir # 208, Myrtle Beach


Don’t be surprised if you find yourself shopping for yourself from Sassyfras. This gift shop has such an amazing collection that you will want to pack everything for yourself.

Location: 5900, N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach

Choose Variety Shows for Fun Entertainment in Myrtle Beach

No matter if you are coming with family, with friends, or for a honeymoon, vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach are complimented with splashing blue water, glittering golden sand, beach sports, restaurants, and lots of fun and entertainment with variety shows. Here are some fun-filled variety shows to choose for unending entertainment and thrill.

Thunder & Light

Starring nationally acclaimed performers, Thunder & Light is a live entertainment show exhibited at The Calvin Gilmore Theatre. With live upbeat contemporary music, original choreography, illusionary dances, and magic tricks, Thunder & Light is certainly not a thing to miss.

Address: 8901 North Kings Highway Myrtle Beach

Alabama Theatre

Alabama Theatre is voted as one of the best theatres and variety shows to visit at Myrtle Beach. With live performances at American best music including Gothic, Hip Hop, Pop, and Gospel, the show tickles the audiences with pinches of hilarious comedy in between the performances.

Address: 4750 Highway, 17 South, North Myrtle Beach

The Carolina Opry

One of the few variety shows that have made headlines in New York Times, CNN, and USA Today, The Carolina Opry is an astounding fusion of high-end music, dance, and lots of comedy. The show hosts 2,200 seated theater with breathtaking light and sound.

Address: 8901 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach

Legends in Concert

If you are a fan of Elvis, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Dolly Parton then look no further than Legends in Concert. The live show performers pay tribute to America’s favorite pop stars in this concert.

Address: 2925 Hollywood Drive, Myrtle Beach

Visit Market Common For An Upscale Myrtle Beach Trip Experience!

‘EAT- SHOP – PLAY – LIVE’ — one of the most celebrated places in Myrtle Beach, the Market Common is a place to escape the scorching sun and live the day to your fullest. Here are some of the reasons that make it totally justified to spend a day in Market Common in Myrtle Beach.

An Unforgettable Shopping Experience

Where fashion meets the world, as they say, the Market Common is one of the few places in Myrtle Beach that offers everything under the sun, under one roof. From international brands to fancy shops and lucrative stalls, the Market Common offers an exceptional shopping experience in its village-styled infrastructure.

Comfortable Theatre

This one-of-a-kind market place also has a small but comfortable theatre. The Market Common is fictionally suitable for families with kids and adorably ideal for honeymoon goers. Don’t wait to watch your favorite movie set to release in the dates of your tour to Myrtle Beach.

Restaurants to Eat Your Fill At!

You may want to gorge upon scrumptious food after an exhaustive shopping experience at Market Common. This versatile place has one of the best collections of restaurants offering traditional and continental cuisines from all around the world including Travinia Italian Kitchen, Gordon Biersch, Nacho Hippo, and more.

Monitored Kids Play Area

Relax in the theatre or ditch kids for private time with your love partner while assuring their security to perfection. The kids play area in Market Common is highly monitored. The professional and well-trained babysitters will make the kids fall in love with the place.

Countless Deals and Offers

Contrary to the hiking prices at entertainment centers, Market Common shines in its own armor. Apart from offering popular products at retail prices, this place also offers a number of deals and offers for making your shopping experience more economical.

There is so much more to explore in Market Common. Just get in touch with Palmetto Vacation Rentals to gather handy information, grab more deals, and get discount offers.

Find Fun Fast Food Restaurants In Myrtle Beach

Find Fun Fast Food Restaurants In Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of the major tourist attractions along the Grand Strand with visitors coming to town in droves. As such, booking Myrtle Beach vacation rentals is essential if you want to make the most of your stay.
The map of Myrtle Beach is dotted with restaurants of all kinds. You can find Italian food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Japanese food, and an array of fast food restaurants. Some of the most famous of fast food restaurants in Myrtle Beach are:
Chick-fil-A has become very famous for serving hot meals, and other items such as their salads, chicken fingers, waffles and their chicken sandwiches are a top favorite among most of their visitors. Chick-fil-A is a breakfast spot and serves burritos, sausage biscuits and chicken minis. Their sweet tea is a very popular drink. Deserts and ice cream cones are also available at Chick-fil-A.
Bojangles’ has been open in Myrtle Beach since 1977 and has become famous for its signature fried chicken, buttery biscuits, dirty rice and sweet tea.  Bojangles’ also offers chicken fingers, salads and all-day breakfast. If you crave the perfect dessert, then the chief desert item at Bojangles’, the Bo-Berry biscuits, are ideal for you.
Burky’s Grill
Burky’s Grill is one of the favorite lunch and dinner spots for tourists. It is a nice quiet restaurant that is set up in a quaint 1950’s style. Some of their specialties are salads, soups, hot dogs, hamburgers, fried bologna, barbecue and ice cream.
Arby’s is famous for their hot and cold sandwiches which are available in a selection of sliced roast beef, cheese and bacon or turkey.  Other than sandwiches, Arby’s also serves absolutely delicious appetizers and a number of very tasty desserts.

These are some of the most fun fast food restaurants in Myrtle Beach. To plan your vacation and book Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, visit Palmetto Vacation Rentals or contact (888) 808-2788 for assistance.

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Know About Delicious Sushi Restaurants In Myrtle Beach

Know About Delicious Sushi Restaurants In Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is known to be a hub of good food. Sushi is just one of the many delicacies available at Myrtle Beach. It is a Japanese delicacy prepared with rice that is cooked in vinegar combined with seafood, vegetables, tropical fruit or meat.
There are countless sushi restaurants all over Myrtle Beach, but here is a list of some of the most popular sushi Restaurants:
Yamato is known for serving mouth watering appetizers, sashimi, sushi and hibachi. Served with salad and soups, their sashimi dinners are available with a selection of many different kinds of fish. One of the most selling items at Yamato is the Jsobeage which is a roll of crab, slightly fried vegetables and salmon.
Nakato Japanese Restaurant
Nakato Japanese restaurant is especially famous for their Teppan Hibachi dining room. It is a restaurant that is good for all sorts of occasions.
Their menu has some very interesting items on it, for example a roll called the Crazy Monkey that is made with cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, mango, salmon and crab all wrapped with tempura flakes and avocado.
On their hibachi menu they have items such as steak, chicken, scallops, fresh catch, calamari, tofu and lobster.
Lil’ Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar
Lil’ Tokyo is a quiet restaurant with a sushi bar and hibachi tables. They serve soups, salads and sushi appetizers and have an a la carte menu from which you can choose the platter of your choice. One of their best items is the King eel roll which is a BBQ eel served with avocado and crab along with eel sauce.

If you are planning a visit to Myrtle Beach, make it a point to visit one of the best Sushi restaurants in town. It would add a lot of flavor to your trip.
To plan your vacation and book Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, visit Palmetto Vacation Rentals or contact (888) 808-2788 for assistance.

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Enjoy the Fun of Italian Cuisine in Myrtle Beach

Enjoy the Fun of Italian Cuisine in Myrtle Beach

One of the most attractive of tourist spots in the United States, the most exciting part of visiting Myrtle Beach is the food.  In Myrtle Beach you, can find from Chinese food to Japanese food, from Lebanese and Mexican food to Italian food.
If you love Italian cuisine, which incorporates tomatoes, all kinds of fish, meat and pecorino cheese, then you’re in luck as it’s served in a lot of places in Myrtle Beach.
Some of the most famous Italian Restaurants in Myrtle Beach are:

La Festa
La Festa is one of the locals’ and tourists’ favorites due to its elegant and peaceful ambience along with the picturesque view of the Intercoastal Waterway.
La Festa serves American-Italian specials as well as authentic Italian cuisine. They have an a la carte menu, along with daily specials.
Travinia Italian Kitchen
Travinia Italian Kitchen is especially known for its amazing service and delicious food. The ambience is peaceful and welcoming and the place is amongst the tourists’ favorites.
They serve Italian-American dishes as well as traditional Italian specials. They even serve seafood which is prepared according to traditional Italian recipes.
Their extensive menu and long list of wines completes the fine dining experience.
Castano’s Italian Steakhouse
Castano’s Italian Steakhouse has developed a reputation because of its old-school ambience. It has a well lit dining room with large TV screens. Music by Frank Sinatra is usually being played giving the atmosphere a soft and peaceful air.
Castano’s serves delicious seafood, well-cooked steaks and traditional Italian food items. They also have a happy hour for discounted appetizers and drinks.
For those who have developed a taste for Italian food, these restaurants will serve you Italian food made to perfection and for those who are trying Italian food for the first time they are bound to come back wanting more.
So plan your vacation to Myrtle Beach and book Vacation rentals Myrtle Beach by visiting http://www.palmettovacationrentals.com/ or call (888) 808-2788.Friday, January 20, 2017

What Tantalizing Steakhouses to Visit in Myrtle Beach

What Tantalizing Steakhouses to Visit in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a favorite place for food lovers to visit because of all the exciting and mouthwatering food options available.  One of the foods that locals love in Myrtle Beach is steak and there are therefore, many steakhouses all over the city to cater to the needs of steak lovers.
Some of the most tantalizing steakhouses to visit in Myrtle Beach are:
Chuck’s Steak House
Chuck’s steakhouse is famous for its decor. It is made to look like a lodge and looks out onto the Intercostal Waterway. They have a covered porch from where you can enjoy the beautiful view.
Chuck’s Steak House is known to serve really juicy, thick, grilled steaks that are served with baked potatoes and salads. Other specialties include their frozen fish bowl that is filled with draft beer.
New York Prime
New York Prime serves USDA-certified prime beef. They are famous for their beef steaks. They have an a la carte menu and each dish is served with baked potatoes, mushrooms, a huge salad and sautéed onions.
The most ordered item for dessert in their New York Cheesecake. Their array of wine makes the fine dining experience worth it.
Baron’s Steak and Spirits
Baron’s Steak and Spirits is known for their signature chops and steaks. They have a long list of wines and the menu has many cuts and meats from which you can choose. Other specialties of Baron’s steak and Spirits are their lamb chops and pork chops. Baron’s also has a happy hour during which people visit the bar to enjoy drinks and appetizers.

Steak that is cooked well and served hot and sizzling along with a sideline of your choice always serves the purpose of tantalizing your taste buds. So if you are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach, make sure to visit some of the best steakhouses in Myrtle Beach.
To plan your vacation and book Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, visit Palmetto Vacation Rentals or contact (888) 808-2788 for assistance.

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Find Great Waterfront Dining Options to Explore In Myrtle Beach

Find Great Waterfront Dining Options to Explore In Myrtle Beach

If you are visiting Myrtle Beach and are looking for more than just a dining experience with good food, then Myrtle Beach has the answer for you. Most diners want the perfect ambience along with great food.
Imagine sitting on a table that looks straight out to sea, and being able to hear the waves crashing on to the shore as you eat your meal with the winds blowing in your face gently. Wouldn’t it be a totally divine experience?
Myrtle Beach has many such restaurants that look out onto the waterfront. Following are two of the restaurants that you must try for the perfect waterfront dining experience:
Sea Captain’s House
The Sea Captain’s house is reputed for serving the best seafood in Myrtle Beach. In addition to good food, the picturesque view adds more reason for the Sea Captain’s House to be attracting large numbers of locals and tourists.
Some of the favorites served at Sea Captain’s House are their shrimp, crab soup and grits. Furthermore, if you are looking for an ideal breakfast spot, then Sea Captain’s House serves a really good breakfast which can be devoured while watching a beautiful sunrise.
Gulfstream Café
Gulfstream café is an ideal place from where to view the sun set. And along with an amazing view, Gulfstream also serves great food. Some of the specialties in appetizers include Kicky N’Awlins shrimp, the onion loaf, oyster shooters and she-crab soup. Recommendations for the main course are the garlic crab claws, low country crab cakes, and blackened or grilled catch of the day.

Both of these restaurants offer wonderful waterfront dining experiences that will leave you spell bound, wishing you could stay there forever. Not only is the view stimulating but the atmosphere is pleasant, relaxing and peaceful. On most days, the sea is calm and waterfront dining is sure to leave you feeling calmer by the time you are leaving.
So plan your vacation and book Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, visit Palmetto Vacation Rentals or contact (888) 808-2788 for assistance.

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What Breakfast Restaurants to Catch the Most Important Meal of the Day In Myrtle Beach

What Breakfast Restaurants to Catch the Most Important Meal of the Day In Myrtle Beach

If you are visiting Myrtle Beach, it is a must to try some of the many exciting breakfast options that serve mouthwatering treats for breakfast and brunch after waking up in your comfortable vacation rentals Myrtle Beach.
Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day and it is important to have something wholesome and fulfilling to eat. Here are some of the restaurants in Myrtle Beach where you can avail a complete breakfast:
Mammy’s Kitchen
Mammy’s Kitchen is over 60 years old and has been serving home-style meals to both locals and tourists. It is reputed to serve the best breakfast in town. Breakfast items served at Mammy’s include fried potatoes, bacon, sausages, eggs and pancakes. Mammy’s also serves the best French toast with fresh fruits as one of the most demanded items on their list.
Crepe Creations Café
Crepes are thin French pancakes that are filled with delicious ingredients and topped with a sauce of your choice. Some of the most selling items at Crepe Creations Café are the Western Morning Crepe (filled with ham, cheddar, bacon and scrambled egg) and the Stuffed French Toast (filled with cream cheese mix).
Eggs Up
Eggs are the main ingredient in most of the items available at Eggs Up, although some items such as their waffles and pancakes are not focused on eggs. Some of the most selling items on their menu are steak and eggs, pancakes and eggs, grits and eggs, ham and eggs, biscuits and gravy with eggs, egg sandwiches and omelets.

When you visit Myrtle Beach, make sure to try out these places for breakfast as they make breakfast extra special. People in Myrtle Beach are habitual of having large breakfasts so you might find the portion size rather daunting but it’s definitely value for money.
So plan your vacation and book Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, visit Palmetto Vacation Rentals or contact (888) 808-2788 for assistance.Friday, January 6, 2017

Barbecue Joints in Myrtle Beach for Mouthwatering Food Experiences

Barbecue Joints in Myrtle Beach for Mouthwatering Food Experiences

One of the many specialties of Myrtle Beach is barbecued food. Cooked to perfection and served on platters with sidelines of your choice, the barbecue food in Myrtle Beach is a must try. Here are some of the most famous barbecue joints in Myrtle Beach:
Damon’s Ocean Front
The specialty at Damon’s is their char-grilled meaty ribs that are served with their signature sauce. Other than ribs, there is barbecued chicken, steaks, salads and burgers. There is a special children’s menu as well which has items such as popcorn shrimps, corn dogs and chicken fingers.
Damon’s is located on the beach, ideal for people who want to take a walk on the beach after dinner.
Bar B Que House
A popular barbecue spot amongst the locals and tourists alike, Bar B Que House is known for the smoked meat that they serve with southern-flavored sauce and trimmings. It is also famous for barbecue chicken. As side dishes, they always serve potato salad, fries, cole slaw and hot hushpuppies.
Their best desserts are the peach cobbler or the banana pudding.
Fire and Smoke Gastropub
Fire and Smoke Gastropub specializes in smoked and grilled meats, cheeses and baked breads. Their Seared Bay sea Scallops, Lamb Porterhouse, Mustard Greens and Crispy Pork Belly are all a must try. They have a long list of wines and lots of beer options as well, which completes the fine dining experience.

If you are a die-hard fan of barbecue food and want to try the best barbecue food that is out there then these Barbecue joints in Myrtle Beach are especially for you. Don’t miss out on the chance to devour the best barbecue food you can ever have; plan a trip to Myrtle Beach and treat your taste buds with the most amazing barbecue food.
To plan your vacation and book Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, visit Palmetto Vacation Rentals or contact (888) 808-2788 for assistance.

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