What to wear to the Beach in Winter?

Winters on the beach are especially chilly and the weather at Myrtle Beach is no different. However this doesn’t stop vacationers from enjoying their time at the beach. The easy availability of vacation rentals at Myrtle Beach is one of the prime reasons why people love thronging the Grand Strand.
Most of the people that visit the beach in winters are unaware of what to pack and wear. As a result, they end up catching a cold. This is especially troublesome with children. So it is fitting to provide some tips in this regard:
 Stay as covered as possible
Take a quick peek at what the weather is like at Myrtle Beach before you begin the journey. Usually it is advisable to wear capris or full length trousers that you can easily fold from the ankles up. You don’t want those bottoms getting soaked in the cold sand and making you unwell. Use tight tops with a sweater to protect against the cold breeze.
 Protection against the sun
While we all love sunbathing in the summers but the cold weather is different. The sand and water reflect sunlight more aggressively causing sunburns. Make sure you use ample amounts sunscreen and wear shady hats to protect against the sun’s violent rays.
 Bikinis are not absolutely out of the question
You might think it is absurd to wear a bikini to the beach in winters. It might not be the case. Myrtle Beach can at times offer sunlight that counters the cold breeze and makes the weather suitable for an outing in a bikini.

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